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PA Act 2 Remediation

Blue Marble customizes environmental investigation and remediation services to comply with PA Act 2 requirements often in support of developing and redeveloping real estate or complying with Pennsylvania’s Corrective Action Program (CAP) for regulated underground storage tanks.


NJ License Site Remediation Professional

Blue Marble’s LSRP works with clients to develop a remediation strategy to satisfy the client’s business objectives and New Jersey’s Site Remediation Reform Act.  Blue Marble is experienced with a variety of industrial and commercial environmental remediation needs and all remediation requirements in New Jersey.


Phase 1/11 Environmental Site Assessment

Blue Marble is experienced at completing Phase I & II ESAs at industrial and commercial properties ranging in scale and complexity from chemical and power generating facilities to residences.

Blue Marble Remediation provides clients with experienced professional geological and environmental remediation consulting services. Blue Marble’s staff has extensive experience providing clients with:


  • Environmental due diligence in conformance with ASTM Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments of commercial and industrial properties.

  • Geological and hydrogeological assessments and investigations including evaluation of karst geological conditions.

  • Environmental remediation requirements imposed by regulatory agencies and associated permits and approvals – including regulated underground storage tanks, spills of hazardous substances or petroleum products, and other regulatory drivers that trigger the need to conduct remedial investigation or cleanup.

  • Consulting services in support of developing and redeveloping brownfield properties and obtaining releases from environmental liability under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling and Remediation Standards Act (Act 2) and New Jersey’s Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA). 


Blue Marble offers a licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania and Delaware and a Licensed Site Remediation Professional in New Jersey.

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